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Do I need an Internet connection to use iTrans?

Not at all! Most subway systems are underground, where the Internet isn't available. iTrans uses a highly optimized algorithm to compute the directions right on your iPod or iPhone. The only part of iTrans that needs an Internet connection is the Advisories pane.

How do I navigate the map?

Use the standard iPhone tricks: pinch to zoom in and out, double tap to zoom quickly, and a swiping gesture to scroll around. You can tap on a station or its name to see the next departures.

Do directions take different schedules into account?

Yes; directions use the schedules in effect when they are calculated. For example, in New York City the Z train doesn't run on weekends, so iTrans NYC will tell you to ride the Z train if it's a weekday but not on weekends.

The schedules/directions were incorrect or could be better.

We're still tweaking the algorithm, especially for New York City. Let us know about the error via email—be sure to include the start and end points as well as the time of day when you got the directions.

The app crashes when it starts.

Try restarting the device; if that doesn't help, delete iTrans entirely (by holding down on the app icon and tapping the delete button) and re-download it from the App Store. (As long as you use the same Apple ID, you won't be charged twice.) If these steps don't fix it, email us and we'll help you out.